Data Mastering for Spend Optimization

Tamr helps the world's largest organizations master their data at scale and drive cost savings with unprecedented visibility into spend


What if you could uncover $30M of wasteful spending for every $1B dollar spent?

With machine learning and intuitive workflows for data experts, Tamr consolidates a variety of data sources (e.g., ERP systems) and categorizes spend at an extremely granular level to drive cost savings.

Drive Cost Savings with Accurate, Granular Visibility into Corporate Spend
Use machine learning to consolidate and categorize spend with unprecedented granularity, uncovering millions in indirect and direct spend savings.

Boost Category Development and Uncover Optimal Suppliers
Leverage up-to-date, categorized spend data from Tamr to find optimal suppliers, improve RFP processes, and drive more favorable contracts.

Reduce Spend by Uncovering Advantageous PPV and Unnecessary Tail Spend
Accelerate spend optimization strategies with complete views of spend that uncover novel insights for long-tail spend management and optimal PPV.


Tamr worked with an international conglomerate to optimize its global supply chain operations, improve supplier negotiations, and drive over $300M in cost savings.


Tamr's data mastering solutions enable organizations to leverage machine learning to combine and categorize data and uncover previously unavailable insights in spend analytics.


“In 30 hours of work, Tamr helped us to accurately classify 6 million spend records, representing 75% of our annual spend of 12 billion Euros. In fact, we were able to reduce the manual workflows needed to maintain our legacy rules-based systems for ERP consolidation by 90%”


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