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Data Mastering for Customer 360

Tamr helps the world's largest companies master their customer data at scale to improve sales and marketing efforts and increase customer satisfaction and retention

Creating Holistic View of Customers Across Touchpoints

With machine learning and intuitive workflows for data experts, Tamr effectively cleanses and masters customer data , consolidating internal data sources (e.g. CRM systems) and connecting structured and unstructured external data sources, creating a comprehensive, up-to-date view of consumers and retailers.


Offer Tailored Products and Boost Up-Sell Opportunities
Use machine learning to enrich customer data with dozens of third-party sources to enhance customer targeting and offer personalized product suggestions.

Retain More Customers with Personalized Customer Experiences
Create a Tamr ID for each customer, connect transactions data, and power Customer 360 programs to provide superior customer service across the organization.

Power Analytics That Uncover New Market Opportunities
Effectively connect customer data to transactions, products, and external data sources to view consumer spending behavior and identify new market opportunities.


“With Tamr we can effectively master data from internal and external sources, including key data about distributors and retailers. This drives new insights about product sales performance and impacts our business. ”

Worldwide Head Data & Analytics Product Line - Consumer & CMD

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