Data Mastering for
Clinical Trials Data Repository

Tamr helps the world’s leading life sciences companies, including six of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, to master their clinical trials and real world data at scale, accelerate research and development, and improve time-to-market.

With a machine learning approach and intuitive workflows for data experts, Tamr masters and standardizes highly variable legacy clinical study data in weeks instead of months or years.

Streamline Clinical Trials Data Reconciliation
Use machine learning to consolidate and reconcile historical clinical studies into standardized CDISC data models with a scalable, streamlined solution.

Accelerate R&D Insights with Historical Data
Leverage historical study insights to drive clinical trial criteria and operation decisions, uncover new insights, and reposition drugs therapies.

Enrich Clinical Trials Data with Real World Data
Harmonize clinical study and third-party real world data into standards such as OMOP to accelerate R&D decisions and insights.


Harmonized 1000+ legacy studies using CDISC SDTM data models and converted over 30 billion real world data records into the OMOP data model standard.

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