Customer Data Mastering
for B2B Companies

Tamr’s human-guided machine learning solution helps enterprises master their customer data at scale to improve sales and marketing efforts, lower risk, and streamline operations.

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Forrester reveals a 643% ROI and $8M+ in benefits from clean, mastered customer data with Tamr.


What is Tamr

See how data mastering can make your business data-driven.


Tamr Masters Data for
How You See Your Customers

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Mastered 1.5M customer accounts across direct and indirect channels in weeks to drive account upsells

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Unified customer views from 45 sources in under 4 weeks to streamline onboarding processes

Big Data Isn’t Why Customer 360 is so Hard.
Bad Data Is.

The cloud has given you virtually unlimited scalability. However, enterprises still struggle to access data in a format needed to drive analytical outcomes.

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Get A More Granular And Accurate View Of Your Customers By Augmenting Human Insight With Machine Intelligence


Tamr ID

Persistent ID that gives a connected, golden record view of customers across systems


Hierarchy Mastering

Customer classification flexibility, from sites to regions to corporate structure



Built-in capability to enhance & verify key customer information with reference data.

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Tamr Delivers B2B Mastered Data Outcomes for the World’s Largest Organizations

Drive upsells with a holistic view of sales across the customer hierarchy (by location, corporate parent, contract, etc...)

Streamline data operations with a machine learning-first approach that generates golden customer records in 10% of the time.

Lower risk with a unified view of customer networks and exposure across customer corporate hierarchies.

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