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Data migration

One-time unification of multiple input sources into a target source.


Data pipelining

A repeatable flow of the unified data from multiple sources.


Data Enrichment

Identify and integrate high impact external data.



Careful and responsible management and improvement of data.



Capture and harness data improving availability to the enterprise.



Leverage best of breed tools to deliver insights on your data.

Meet our data engineers

Our team of engineers are the world’s leading experts in DataOps

Afsana Afzal

Bachelors in Cognitive Science and Computer Science University of California, Berkeley

  • Conducted neuroimaging research on psychiatric disorders at Mass General Hospital
  • Assisted in the development of behavioral models using Bayesian logistic regression to predict per-subject response to heightened risk in a gambling task.
  • Studied Arabic in college in hopes of becoming a journalist

Ethan Peck

PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder

  • Studied energetic particle precipitation impacts on the atmosphere using global climate models
  • Pharmaceutical clinical trial storage into CDISC SDTM.
  • Completed data unification projects in many radically different businesses, from clinical trials to procurement, sea vessel part categorization to client mastering.

Keziah Katz

PhD in Ecology, Colorado State University

  • Processed the largest tables using Tamr Unify to date
  • Developed product add-on as a prototype of user defined functions in Tamr transformations
  • Studied how nutrition influences honey bee learning and analyzed the outcomes using machine learning

Ted Gudmundsen

AB in Physics, Princeton University, MS Physics, Cornell University

  • Quantum computing research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Field engineering lead at Tamr
  • Lead for the defense and intelligence practice

Paul Courtney

BS Physics, MS Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University

  • Worked in Silicon Valley at HP Labs in a surface science lab looking at the top 10 atomic layers
  • Worked in information sciences and migrated to clinical research data management at academic medical centers
  • Involved in the caBIG program from 2005-2011, developing software and infrastructure to reduce the barriers to collaboration between cancer researchers through common data standards

Rashi Verma

PhD in Statistical Physics, Boston University

  • Simulated ‘supercooled’ liquids
  • Specialize in health data science and large scale data
  • Completed a wide variety of projects involving simulations and theoretical techniques

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