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Leverage All Your Data

Leverage All Your Data

Data Catalog

Tamr automatically catalogs all metadata available to the enterprise in a central, platform-neutral place. This enables data to be grouped by logical entities (customers, partners, employees) rather than where it’s stored, making it easier for companies to discover and uncover the data necessary to answer critical business questions.

Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms automatically connect the vast majority of the sources while resolving duplications, errors and inconsistencies among source attributes and records.

Expert Sourcing

When the Tamr system can’t resolve connections automatically, it calls for human expert guidance, using people in the organization familiar with the data to weigh in on the mapping and improve its quality and integrity. This integration of machine and human learning makes Tamr smarter over time.

Simplified Consumption

Tamr’s RESTful APIs make it incredibly easy to consume this clean, connected data as a service (DaaS) in the system or application of choice — whether it’s a spreadsheet, a business intelligence platform or next-generation visualization tool…wherever analysts and others need it most.

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