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Santander Cuts Lending Time in Half with Customer Data Mastering

Learn how using Tamr’s modern customer data mastering capabilities, the bank now has a 360-degree view of its customers which is continually updated and action-ready.


The data available to Santander UK for its lending practices had exploded in recent years. To capitalize on their wealth of data, the bank embarked on an ambitious digital-transformation plan headlined by a new lending system connecting modern digital processes, data, and SaaS applications in the cloud with APIs.

To be successful, the new system required a single view of each corporate and retail customer in order to accurately calculate financial exposure. However, existing customer data was stored in these systems that were not all interoperable.

Read this case study to discover how Santander UK was able to power a single view of its customers using Tamr and cut loan processing time in half. You’ll learn:

  • How the lack of a single view of its customers impacted the bank
  • Why they chose a human-guided machine learning-powered solution
  • What the impact has been on their digital transformation initiative

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