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Webinar: Tamr and Zoomdata Showcase Joint Solution for Enterprise Data Unification and Analysis

Tuesday, August 26th at 1PM EDT
Webinar: Changing Your Expectations for Enterprise Data Unification and Analysis

Organizations are struggling with massive amounts of enterprise data, including, “Big Data,” data streams, un-structured data, and semi-structured data. But now, IT teams have an opportunity to deliver advanced reporting solutions that can rapidly consolidate disparate data sources into a unified experience. These solutions deliver business users with a fully connected view of their data that in the past would have impossible to achieve.

This 40-minute webinar shows you how Tamr and Zoomdata together can allow you unrivaled access to a unified and beautiful view of all your enterprise data. Tamr overcomes the cost and resource drain of manual data unification, allowing you to spend time on the things that matter in your business while Zoomdata taps into the massive reserve of unified data to bring users insightful data visualizations.

Learn how Tamr’s advanced algorithms, expert human input, and machine learning brings all this data together for your team, and how Zoomdata’s patented micro-query approach, “lights up,” billions of rows of data to allow your users to create custom dashboards and visualizations.

        • Learn about how Tamr makes more of your data unified and valuable
        • See how Zoomdata’s visualization capabilities make analysis more intuitive
        • Watch a demonstration of Tamr and Zoomdata working together

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