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On-Demand Webinar: A scalable, automated data curation system to connect and enrich all your enterprise data

Hear data industry guru and Tamr CEO Andy Palmer, data expert Alan Wagner and Tamr’s strategy chief Nidhi Aggarwal discuss how Tamr’s new but proven data curation solution can help you quickly and cost-effectively connect and enrich hundreds and thousands of internal and external data sources.

A new way to solve the old data integration and curation challenge

We all struggle with integrating and curating the vast number of data sources available. With the tools on hand and manual processes we rely on, it takes most of our time just to identify sources and then prep them for analysis. Instead of thinking up and testing great ideas, we’re tracking down admin passwords and writing Python scripts. But now there is a better way.

Last month, we officially launched Tamr, a unique solution that combines advanced algorithms and machine learning with input from data experts to deliver an automated, scalable solution for enterprise data connectivity. Starting as an MIT research project, Tamr is now a field-proven solution used by many Fortune 500 organizations, including information services firms, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

Webinar Agenda

At the webinar:

  • Andy discusses the challenge of connecting large numbers of disparate data sources, the limitations of current tools and processes, and how Tamr was engineered to provide a highly automated and extremely scalable solution.
  • Alan walks you though the solution, showing you how Tamr’s unique combination of machine learning and expert sourcing overcomes the long-standing issues around data integration and curation.
  • Nidhi facilitates the Q&A to see just how your organization can use and benefit from Tamr.