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Tamr Use Case Demo: Integrating Customer Data into a Unified View


In this brief product demonstration of customer data integration tools, we will walk through a sample use case of  how Tamr is able to build a unified and enriched view of a customer across a variety of independently generated data sources. A unified customer view, which leverages not only the CRM systems but the long tail of data that is not typically integrated and leveraged organization wide, is necessary to perform both marketing and analytics initiatives which depend on rich customer data.



The process will show how Tamr uses a combination of machine learning and expert sourcing to:

  • Create an inventory of all your data sources across the enterprise ranging from CRM systems, data warehouses, sharepoint systems, data feeds and the long tail of data (structured and semi-structured data).  Tamr can handle various data formats (SQL, HDFS, JSON, XML etc.). Each of these sources have overlapping or unique attributes that describe a customer for this organization.
  • Create and use a unified schema across the disparate sources that can be consumed as a reference wherever needed for the organization’s marketing or analytics efforts.
  • De-duplicate the records across the various unified sources to produce matching and distinct customer records.
  • Provide a unified view of customers data based on the unified schema and record matching