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Tamr Real World Evidence (RWE) Integration

The digitization of healthcare has made available a litany of real world data (RWD) for collection and analysis to be used as real world evidence (RWE) in various efforts to improve patient outcomes and hasten the development of medical products. RWE comes from various data sources including patient electronic health records, claim databases, biobanks, personal medicine, and personal health devices; and provides valuable insight into what and how medical products are impacting patients in the real world.

Capturing and effectively utilizing RWE is important for all players in the healthcare value chain, but due to the variety and range of data sources, RWE data has been traditionally difficult to harmonize and reconcile for practical application.

Tamr’s Real World Evidence Integration Solution tackles the data challenge with a powerful data harmonization process, driven by human-guided machine learning, that streamlines real world evidence integration for large volumes of disparate data to deliver transformational outcomes.

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