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The Rise of the Analytical CPO

Technology is rapidly changing how we work. Some of these changes are obvious – for example, reading and sending emails from a pocket-sized device is standard practice in today’s world. However, some of these changes are much more subtle. Among them is how business leaders are making their mark on their organization and reaching the C-suite.

More than ever, today’s CPOs are highly analytical, relying on data-driven insights to find new opportunities and uncover risks in their operations. This has significant ramifications on the CPO’s entire staff, as senior managers and directors must have a deep understanding of their company’s data and know how to quickly generate insights from vast troves of data in order to satisfy executive leadership.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Trends impacting how procurement professionals get promoted and become a CPO
  • How leading organizations are leveraging technology to advance the CPO’s analytics agenda
  • Techniques being deployed to mine disparate data sources for insights