Tamr: How Digital Enablement is The Key to Successful Digital Transformation at Hess

Hess, a global energy company, embarked on a digital transformation project to enable better business decision making with clean data. This requires using machine learning and the cloud to quickly deliver results and scale effectively. Outcomes have included increased data…

How Johnson & Johnson Translates Data into Insights

For 130 years, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has maintained a tradition of quality and innovation. To continue this mission, the company’s consumer packaged goods division needed to master their data at enterprise scale. This required integrating an enormous volume of data from…

Forrester TEI study—Tamr delivers 643% ROI on customer data

Forrester Consulting study reveals a 643% ROI and total benefits of $8.8 million in three years with Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering solutions.

Andy Palmer on Full Contact CEO Podcast – Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Tamr, founder Koa Labs, focused on mission-driven start-ups

Full Contact CEO Alex Magleby welcomes serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Tamr, founder Koa Labs, venture capitalist, rugby superhero, mentor to many, keeper of the table at Henrietta’s, over 50 companies started, Bowdoin Rugby, Boston RFC alum, and overall…

DataMasters S2 E2: U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team’s Gus Kaeding: Mining data for gold medals

Gus Kaeding talks to Anthony about how the U.S. Ski & Snowboard teams are using data to improve team performance and win more medals. Gus explains where the similarities start and end with the famous “Moneyball’ approach to team selection. Why communication with coaches…

DataMasters S2E1: Shopify’s Ella Hilal: Attacking data science with an “always learning mindset”

Shopify’s Ella Hilal tells us why effective data leaders need to instill an ‘always learning mindset’ and possess a willingness to reject conventional wisdom. Ella also talks about how the data organization continues to evolve at Shopify, the unique challenges…

How Bad Customer Data is Killing B2B Sales And What To Do About It

Most organizations continue to struggle with customer data quality, resulting in the latest and greatest customer analytic tools and operational systems being fed with bad data. Read how customer mastering fixes these core problems and accelerates performance.

The DataOps Approach to Data Mastering

Connected data is the foundation to meaningful analytics and driving real business outcomes. Read on to learn how Tamr’s data mastering solutions power analytic insights.

Federal Tech Talk: Solving the basic problems of machine learning

Host John Gilroy speaks with Michael Stonebraker, co-founder of Tamr. Stonebraker has been involved with technology since 1971. Fifty years in a profession can lead someone to plateau, but that has not been the case with Stonebraker. In addition to…

Tamr Provides Rapid, Trusted Entity Resolution To The Department of Homeland Security

Tamr works with The Department of Homeland Security to enhance national security by providing rapid, trusted entity resolution