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O’Reilly Webinar: Taming Data Variety

Over the past 20 years, companies have invested an estimated $3-4 trillion in IT systems to automate and optimize key business processes. These systems, which are largely dedicated to a single business function or geography, generate enormous amounts of disparate data that is typically stored in one or more data lakes or warehouses.

Now, with billions being invested in Big Data storage and access and next generation analytics platforms, companies are beginning the analytic prosecution of the data stored in these centralized systems. However, the variety of data collected leads to natural siloes, which are rapidly becoming a bottleneck for analysis. Organizations are quickly discovering that while data lakes may help their ability to manage information by placing data in one location, without proper attention to the curation of the data, these lakes can turn into expensive, unproductive Data Swamps.

During a 30-minute webinar, join data-industry veteran Andy Palmer as he discusses how enterprise organizations are leveraging data unification to deliver the cleanest, widest view of data to downstream analytic tools, for applications as diverse as:

Procurement Optimization
Clinical Study Data Conversion
Customer Data Integration