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How to Avoid the 10 Big Data Analytics Blunders — Best Practices for Success in 2021

As a steward for your enterprise’s data and digital transformation initiatives, you’re tasked with making the right choice. But before you can make those decisions, it’s important to understand what not to do when planning for your organization’s big data initiatives.
Michael Stonebraker shares the top 10 big data blunders that he has witnessed in the last decade or so. As a pioneer of database research and technology for more than 40 years, Michael understands the mistakes enterprises often made and knows how to correct and avoid them. By learning about the major blunders, you’ll know how best to future-proof your big data management and digital transformation needs. Common blunders include problems from not planning on moving everything to the cloud to believing that a data warehouse will solve all your problems to succumbing to the “innovator’s dilemma.” To illustrate the blunders, he shares a variety of corrective tips, strategies, and real-world examples.