Enterprise Data Unification Solution Video

In their recent Data Preparation Market Guide, Gartner predicts that by 2019, data and analytics organizations that provide agile, curated internal and external datasets for a range of content authors will realize twice the business benefits as those that do not.

Which begs the question, how exactly are you supposed to unify your data?  Especially if you’re a large company with a data debacle on your hands that has been decades in the making. Tamr enterprise data unification solution can help your organization.

Machine learning is the game changer when it comes to tackling data integration challenges that legacy rules-based approaches weren’t designed to handle.  In this 3-minute video (3:32 to be precise), we’re proud to show you how Tamr’s enterprise data unification solutions are helping our customers tackle the challenge of providing those “agile, curated datasets” that Gartner is talking about.  Check it out: