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DataMasters S1E12: Dataops and the state of digital transformation

“Andy Palmer is a serial entrepreneur who’s helped found or fund more than 50 companies, including Vertica, a pioneer in the database management industry. He’s currently CEO of Tamr, a data mastering platform that uses machine learning to do the heavy lifting around consolidating, cleansing, and categorizing data. Andy’s also served as CIO of Infinity Pharmaceuticals, a biotech startup, and ran data and software engineering operations at the research group of pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Andy’s approach to data mastering involves dataops. This concept has emerged in recent years and shares traits with dev ops. He discusses what dataops is and how it helps companies with their digital transformation projects. He also talks about Tamr’s upcoming DataMasters Summit and how the event will provide people with practical advice on where to start their dataops journeys.”