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Webinar: Data Mastering at Scale

Master data management (MDM) software turned 15 years old this year. Originally launched in 2004 by SAP, master data management systems aimed to help resolve the data unification problem by creating a central source of standardized references to customers, products, employees, suppliers, physical assets and other data across their many IT systems. MDM is valuable, but it’s also slow, labor-intensive, and costly. As the scale of MDM projects increases to millions of entities and hundreds or thousands of data sources, the traditional methods often fail.

In this webinar, Michael Stonebraker shares his view on how MDM technology and MDM organizations must change to fulfill the promise of Data Mastering at scale.

Stonebraker explores:

  • Why large enterprises need data management solutions that solve data mastering challenges at scale
  • Why traditional, rule-based, data mastering options are struggling to keep up
  • How Machine Learning can be used to address large-scale data mastering challenges

This webinar features content from Three Generations of AI for Data Unification.

You can watch the webinar here: