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How Bad Customer Data is Killing B2B Sales and What to Do About It

Learn how modern, machine learning-driven customer data mastering drives sales and marketing results

Data-driven selling has more momentum than ever. According to Gartner, 60% of companies will transition to data-driven selling by 2025. But despite executive buy-in and investments, results to date have been dismal. In a survey of B2B companies by McKinsey, 86 percent of respondents believed they could do better with data.

The direct costs of failed investments to fix problems with customer data are hitting the bottom line. An estimated 21% of marketing budgets are wasted on bad data quality. For a $1bn revenue company, that’s an estimated $16M per annum wasted.

Read this ebook to discover how you can drive customer mastering initiatives that rapidly improve sales and marketing performance. You’ll learn:

  • Which customer data issues have the greatest impact on revenue
  • Why machine learning drives accuracy in customer data mastering
  • How Littelfuse and Santander achieved sales and marketing results

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