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Driving Sales by Solving
Customer Account Hierarchies

Case Study

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By more accurately matching leads to existing accounts, a $5bn global semiconductor company super-charged its cross-sell and upsell account strategy, while reducing reliance on costly, slow third-party data-matching services. Using modern, cloud-first B2B customer data mastering, the company achieved a 50% increase in the match rate of sales leads to existing accounts within the first two weeks. This improvement in match rate enabled faster response times by sales and customer management, and informed fresh marketing campaigns targeted at new leads; all contributing to closing more deals in less time.


With a global presence that extends to over 100,000 customers, this semiconductor company has an ambitious cross-sell and upsell strategy that depends on clean, accurate, and actionable customer data. Particularly given the size of the organization and its customer base, efficiency in proper targeting and responses to leads is vital. Unfortunately, the manufacturer:

  • Struggled to match new leads to existing accounts, with only 36% of leads matched to corporates using its current data mastering approach.
  • Critical customer data was locked in dozens of siloed data platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe Campaign, and sourced across sales stages from POS to shipment data. It also included external sources such as web scraped data and external providers like D&B.
  • Relied on third-party data-matching vendors, whose slow response times narrowed the windows for Sales to respond to prospects.
  • Failed in handling a mix of customer languages, with a large proportion of existing data in Chinese and Japanese.


The company turned to Tamr’s human-guided, machine-learning-powered data mastering technology. The new Tamr solution:

  • Delivered a 50% match-rate increase in sales leads to existing accounts within the first two weeks.

  • Removed or significantly reduced the reliance on third-party data matching by improving in-house capabilities.

  • Leveraged Google Translate enrichment to tackle language challenges across locations.

Business Impact

By moving to modern B2B customer data mastering, the manufacturer dramatically streamlined and sped up its B2B cross-sell and upsell strategies. With each qualified lead worth thousands of dollars, better data insight on how to convert opportunities can dramatically improve marketing and sales performance. With Tamr, the high-tech manufacturer can:

  • Improve cross-sell and upsell by using existing relationship information to inform the lead-marketing strategy.

  • Reduce lead-response times from weeks to days increasing the close rate of new sales opportunities while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and reducing the reliance on third-party enrichment services.

  • Achieve a global view of its accounts, enabling holistic contract management and more-informed negotiations with key accounts.

Next Steps

To find out how Tamr can help you quickly turn your B2B customer data into a ready-to-use business asset, learn more about our Manufacturing Solutions or Contact Us for a demo .