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Enterprise Data Mastering

Tamr’s cloud-native data mastering solutions combine machine learning-based models, rules, and human feedback to quickly and easily publish accurate, up-to-date enterprise data.

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What Tamr Does

Tamr’s unique approach of using human-guided machine learning algorithms to accelerate data mastering projects lets the world’s largest organizations enhance their data operations, rapidly activate latent data, and increase the velocity of business outcomes through data-driven insights.

Schema Mapping

Tamr combines disparate data sources across the enterprise and maps differing data schemas to create a unified view of highly variable data sets.

Agile Data Mastering

Agile Data Mastering

Tamr’s API driven data unification platform can ingest structured/semi-structured data. Tamr’s data mastering and management tools and services help your organization unify and master data.

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Data Categorization

Tamr’s human-guided machine learning platform features active learning for data categorization. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of categorization projects by highlighting high impact entities to categorize.

Where does Tamr fit in your Ecosystem?

Our open, API-oriented architecture enables you to easily integrate Tamr into your best-of-breed data ecosystem. Leveraging best-of-breed components, such as Spark, the system is able to scale up to solve your largest data challenges.
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Key Features

Golden Records

Golden Records

See how Tamr solves the task of creating a single or golden record from a group or cluster of records that refer to the same entity.



See how Tamr enhances the data management process by giving users the ability to perform transformations at scale.

Persistent IDs

Persistent IDs

Watch how Tamr enhances the data mastering workflow to provides users with enhanced reporting on how clusters of related entities change over time, track lineage, and publish results to their downstream systems.

What makes Tamr different?

  • Purpose built probabilistic model-based approach to data integration
  • Decreased cost and time to onboard new data sources
  • Near real-time matching capabilities ensure data stays up-to-date and accurate

  • Highly scalable, open, API-oriented architecture
  • Machine learning fused with expert input to enable data curation at scale
  • Unique breadth of integrated capabilities operating at scale: schema mapping, record matching, & classification

Customer Experience

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Capture the value of all of your enterprise data

Avoid the time, expense, and headache of purchasing multiple data mastering products to integrate data to support initiatives across domains. Tamr is capable of mastering all enterprise entities, and through the use of machine learning, can cost-effectively unify the long tail of data sources.

See how Toyota gained a first-ever, complete view of its customers.

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Move beyond the hype

Tamr focuses on cleaning up your data so you can get the foundational spend analytics right before attempting to take on more complex, predictive analytics.

Learn how Societe Generale cleaned up their data and gained visibility into their spend in under 2 months.

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Agile Data Mastering

Explore Tamr's agile, machine learning approach to data mastering and how it enables organizations to overcome the challenges of traditional MDM.
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Tamr Technical Overview

See how Tamr's bottom up, machine learning based approach to unify dirty data enables MDM at scale.
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