Leverage All of Your Data

Tamr transforms dark, dirty, and disparate data into clean, connected data that can be delivered quickly and repeatedly throughout your organization. The Tamr enterprise data preparation platform is comprised of three core capabilities: Catalog, Connect, and Consume

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Match & Classify Records from Thousands of Data Sets

Rapidly match and classify data from thousands of potential sources using human guided machine learning. To ensure that resulting data sets meet business requirements, Tamr utilizes a workflow for collecting and incorporating feedback provided by subject matter experts.

2 - Classify

Unify Attributes Across All of Your Sources

Visualize attributes across datasets and identify those that are of the most interest. Tamr will then match the desired attributed, or ‘Unified Attributes’, to source attributes through automation and human guidance.

3 - Unify

Clean and Prepare Data for Analysis

Quickly identify and resolve common data quality issues across your full range of enterprise sources, regardless of size or format. Easily combine or split columns, standardize values and fix blank or missing data.

2 - Classify