To generate and work with compelling analytics, sourcing teams have to spend a lot of time managing data, often leading them to abandon the effort. This ultimately leads to a lack of insight and damages credibility of the organization.

Sourcing Analytics

Sourcing teams are experts on a variety of activities, including supplier negotiations aimed at reducing costs and risk mitigation. However, these critical tasks are often done in the absence of insight generated from all of the
information available. This is commonly caused by the inability to quickly prepare all of the data for analysis. Most techniques for preparing data are highly manual in nature — executed through either an army of employees that
assemble the information or legacy technologies that still do not introduce a significant amount of automation into the process.

Tamr for Sourcing Analytics delivers sourcing teams the analytics they want, when they want them and how they want them. At the core of Tamr’s offering is a process for developing analytics that encompasses a unique mixture of automation and data science expertise. Tamr solves analytical problems by focusing on the key data preparation issues that hinder effective, timely analytics. Using the Tamr approach to analytics, sourcing teams will:

  • Understand their spend faster than ever thought possible — leading to quick insights, fewer ‘fire drills’ and the reclaiming of time for value-added
  • Identify new savings opportunities by incorporating internal and external data sets that expand the breadth and depth of spend under management.

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Drive down component cost and improve payment terms

Drive down component cost and improve payment terms

A highly diversified manufacturing corporation was facing a major obstacle around generating a single view of their suppliers. The company had successfully grown organically in many industries for multiple decades but the primary driver of growth over the years has been mergers and acquisitions. The result of this model is an operating environment with numerous information silos spanning multiple business units.

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Unify & visualize procurement data with tamr & tableau

Unify & visualize procurement data with tamr & tableau

How can you find the highest-quality part at the best price from all suppliers? How do you optimize supplier
payment terms across different business units and territories? This live 30-minute webinar will address these
questions and demonstrate solutions for unifying and visualizing procurement data from Tamr and Tableau.

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