Cancer Moonshot

Cancer Moonshot Program

One of the biggest challenges impeding the progress of cancer research is the siloed nature of clinical data. Genetic history, medical records and tissue bank data is often not shared amongst scientists, researchers and oncologists, leading to lengthy delays in researching potential cures. Further, the sheer variety of formats and standards often limit its immediate usefulness.

At Tamr, we believe the volume and variety of shared ‘big cancer data’ may be the Moonshot’s most valuable asset — and its biggest challenge. Moonshot organizations will need help preparing and unifying all of this shared data for analysis. We’re proud to lend Tamr’s resources to the task force’s mission to ‘end cancer as we know it.’

Apply for a Complimentary License

Organizations affiliated with the Moonshot Task Force may apply for a free license of Tamr’s software via the form below: