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Improve mission capabilities by unifying and analyzing data around people, places, and operations.

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DataOps @ Scale: A Modern Framework for Data Management in the Public Sector


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Enhanced knowledge of known persons

Leverage open source data without sacrificing the quality of existing information.

Tamr automates the process of matching inbound information with existing government data sources, allowing agencies to quickly acquire a more informed view of a person of interest.

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Geolocation disambiguation

Quickly generate a complete view of a place of interest using all available datasets.

Tamr automates the matching of geo-locations representing the same place across all datasets. Further, Tamr’s geospatial mapping capabilities enable the platform to ingest geospatial data and further improve match accuracy.

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Automated entity resolution

Automatically fuse internal and external data to create a complete, resolved view of a subject of interest.

Tamr automates the creation of a single view of events or organizations of interest and identifies and clusters events or organizations that are referenced in different ways across any dataset to generate a trusted view.

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Procurement analytics

Quickly create a complete view of your supply chain and spend using all organizational datasets.

Tamr automates the creation of a single view of a supply base using all organizational datasets available. Further, Tamr also classifies transactions and parts to a taxonomy with a finer level of detail than is possible with manual, rules-based approaches.

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DHS Success Story

Learn how Tamr provides rapid, trusted entity resolution to The Department of Homeland Security.
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Government Case Study

Learn how Tamr helped elevate operational intelligence with automated, scalable insights.
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