Analyzing all data for topics of interest

Improve mission capabilities by unifying data around people, places, or operations

Enhanced knowledge of known persons

Enrich your knowledge of known persons by leveraging open source data without sacrificing the quality of existing information, The endless amounts of open source information present an opportunity to greatly improve knowledge bases of individuals. Government agencies want to take advantage of this without compromising the veracity of well curated datasets. Tamr automates the process of matching inbound information with existing data. This allows agencies to quickly acquire a more informed view of a person of interest by using all available data

Geolocation disambiguation

Quickly generate a complete view of a place of interest using all available datasets. Governments agencies seek to disambiguate places of interest across all of their datasets for use in analysis. Unfortunately, a single geolocation can be represented in many different ways – as analysts are inconsistent in the way they compile information. Tamr automates the matching of geolocations representing the same place across all datasets. This allows the agency to quickly gain a complete view of a particular place of interest by implementing a unified taxonomy

Automated entity resolution

Automatically fuse internal and external data sources to quickly create a complete, resolved view of a subject of interest – whether event, organization, or other entity. Government agencies may collect and have access to information from multiple sources for a single entity – such as an event or organization. The different sources may vary in detail and insights that they provide. To gain an optimal understanding of the entity, information from all sources – both internal and external – needs to be fused into a single entity record. Tamr automates the creation of a single view of events or organizations of interest. The software can identify and cluster events or organizations that are referenced in different ways across any dataset as well as identify the most accurate datasets regarding a particular subject – leading to quick, trusted, and robust insights

Procurement analytics

Quickly create a complete view of your supply base using all organizational datasets. Government agencies need to optimize spend and reduce risk in their supply chain by analyzing data related to suppliers they work with, components they purchase, and other aspects of their supply chain / procurement operations. Tamr automates the creation of a single view of a supply base – whether its parts, suppliers, or payment terms – using all organizational datasets available

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