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Enterprise Data Mastering

Tamr’s data mastering at scale solutions enable large enterprises to enhance data operations, activate latent data rapidly, and increase the velocity of business outcomes through data-driven insights. Tamr works in conjunction with- or as a replacement of MDM tools.

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Hundreds of data sources. Thousands of attributes. Tamed.

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80%+ less manual effort

Dramatically reduce time and resources required to develop and maintain a mastering pipeline compared to a rules-based approach.

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Complete, trusted data

Machine learning-based approach identifies relationships that are almost impossible to find manually, enabling much higher levels of accuracy across all your data.

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Scales to the challenge

Modern, API-oriented architecture scales up and down to meet the volume demands of each entity, whether it’s 10s of thousands or 100s of millions of records.

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How it Works

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Data Source

Leverage structured and semi-structured data

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Human Guidance

Mastering model trained by human guided ‘yes / no’ feedback

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Golden Records

Golden records provide source of truth for each entity

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Target Source

Enrich source data

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Reduce the time to analytic outcomes

“Boil the ocean” MDM projects can take years to demonstrate value. Tamr’s agile, machine learning-based approach collapses the cycle time between business question and analytic outcome by making it possible to get unified views of key entities in days.

Learn how Littelfuse achieved new insights into their customer base in under 3 weeks.

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Capture the value of all of your enterprise data

Avoid the time, expense, and headache of purchasing multiple data mastering products to integrate data to support initiatives across domains. Tamr is capable of mastering all enterprise entities, and through the use of machine learning, can cost-effectively unify the long tail of data sources.

See how Toyota gained a first-ever, complete view of its customers.

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Improve your entire ecosystem

Our system embraces the heterogeneity of technology through an API-oriented architecture that operates as ‘table in / table out’, allowing you to design your data pipelines in a way that is optimized for your current stack.

Learn how GSK transformed their data environment into a best-of-breed ecosystem.

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Scalable Data Curation and Agile Data Mastering

Learn how data curation technology can be used to solve data mastering challenges at scale.
analytics-driven organization

The CDO's Guide to Data Mastering at Scale

How to navigate the changing data landscape as a CDO, by implementing solutions that scale.
Golden Records Demo

Golden Records Overview

See how Tamr can rapidly create golden records across vast data silos, benefiting a broad range of business stakeholders.
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