datamaster summit 2020

Breaking Bad Data with Automation: A First-Hand Account from Creative Artist Agency featuring MIT’s Michael Stonebraker


Andre Vargas, Dr. Michael Stonebraker and Anthony Deighton

Andre Vargas, Head of Data, Creative Artist Agency
Dr. Michael Stonebraker, Adjunct Professor, MIT CSAIL
Anthony Deighton, Chief Product Officer, Tamr

Creative Artists Agency, or CAA, is widely known in the entertainment and sports industry as a talent agency that excels at building and maintaining relationships. In this panel discussion, CAA’s Head of Data, André Vargas, and Michael Stonebraker offer two unique perspectives on how automation can break the bad data problems that stymies analytic outcomes.

Like many organizations, siloed data, incomplete records and duplicate records prevented CAA from fully leveraging its data in business decisions. Vargas shares his experience leading the efforts to innovate how the CAA uses mastered customer data to draw new business insights.

Stonebraker, a co-inventor of the INGRES relational database system, Turing Award winner and MIT adjunct professor, provides an academic look at why automation can deliver the clean data sets businesses require. He also explores why master data management approaches that use rules struggle to address data quality issues.

The session is moderated by Tamr’s Chief Product Officer Anthony Deighton.