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Modern Master Data Management

The ways companies manage their data is changing. New technologies, infrastructures, and processes are finally making good on the promise of data as a transformative asset.

Use this self-guided content map to learn more about how Modern Master Data Management (MDM), empowers your team to get executive buy-in, and showcase what’s possible if you make the switch.


Stage 1

Get Oriented:
Next-Gen MDM

Today’s business challenges can’t wait for rules-based MDM. Next-gen data mastering accelerates critical analytical insights by reconciling internal and external data at scale.

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Stage 2

Assessing Modern Cloud MDM Solutions

Today's data challenges require new solutions. Dig further into the features, functions, and results you need to ask about and look for in a Modern MDM solution.

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Featured Authors


Andy Palmer
Co-Founder & CEO, Tamr


Dr. Michael Stonebraker
Turing Award Winner & Tamr Co-Founder


Paul Balas
Digital Strategist at reVision & Former Chief Advisor Advanced Analytics for Newmont Corporation


Learn about DataOps: the modern strategy for maximizing your investment in next gen MDM.