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Data Masters University


Next-generation data management solutions (learn more about Modern MDM) require a new operational framework in order to deliver maximum value. Today’s top-performing data teams use DataOps strategies to address the speed and scale of enterprise data and accelerate data-driven outcomes for their organizations.

Tamr is a pioneer in DataOps. Dive in to learn about the basic tenets of DataOps, how to start a DataOps strategy and practical advice from leading DataOps practitioners.


Stage 1

Get Familiar with DataOps


Inspired by the DevOps, DataOps creates an open and iterative process that addresses today’s data challenges and needs. DataOps is an automated, process-oriented methodology, used by analytic and data teams, to improve the quality and time to results of its data reduce the cycle time of data analytics.

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Stage 2

Starting a DataOps Strategy


Now that you are familiar with the basic tenants of DataOps, how do you get started? Follow along with this content to learn more about where to start, who to involve, and how to show the organization your progress.

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Stage 3

Strategies & Advice for DataOps Practitioners


Hear from data leaders and DataOps practitioners about how to overcome obstacles and maximize the success of your DataOps initiative.

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Featured Authors


Andy Palmer
Co-Founder & CEO, Tamr


Ethan Peck
Head of Data and Technical Operations at Tamr


Nikolaus Bates-Haus
Lead Architect at Tamr


Chris Bergh
Head Chef and CEO at DataKitchen


Mark Ramsey
former Chief Data and Analytics Officer at GSK


Kathleen Maley
former Head of Consumer & Digital Analytics at KeyBank


Barkha Saxena
Chief Data Officer at Poshmark

Learn about DataOps: the modern strategy for maximizing your investment in next gen MDM.