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From disaster response to battlefield logistics, Tamr enables the U.S. Government to make data-driven decisions that rely on accurate geospatial information.

  • Master data entities by incorporating geospatial data (e.g., points, lines, terrain, weather) into a holistic view
  • Leverage geospatial data in mission decisions, entity deduplication, and creation of golden records

Leverage geospatial data mastering to improve data quality and
enhance accuracy beyond location-based data.

Geospatial Data Mastering Uses Cases

Geospatial data mastering has several use cases that support logistics and mission strategies.

Disaster Response
Coordinate support and focus operations on the area of need.

Weather Plotting
Analyze weather patterns for impact areas to programs or logistics.

Logistics Support
Improve and reconcile survey data from disparate data sources.

Geospatial Intelligence
Integrate photographic and electronic imagery for decision making

Contract Reconciliation
Align contracting, leasing rights, and permissions data with sites and buildings.

Battlefield Operations
Integrate images of terrain, troops, enemy forces and conflict areas

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