In a time of unprecedented change and disruption, organizations are dealing with a variety of issues that require deep, real-time analysis of enterprise data to minimize cost and withstand interruptions to business operations.

Data Can Help

Tamr helps large organizations across the globe uncover insights needed to minimize cost and optimize supply chains to address the challenges organizations are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leveraging Data to Drive Business Decisions in Times of Uncertainty

Send us your supplier or spend data from all your data sources and Tamr will master and curate your data to uncover key analytic insights that address critical business needs today.

Data Can Help for

Spend Analytics & Procurement

Data Can Help for Spend Analytics Ensure that spend (direct or indirect) is categorized appropriately to effectively identify opportunities for cost savings

Supply Chain Risk & Planning

Master your supply chain data with global COVID-19 impact data to better foresee closure impacts and identify alternative suppliers

Accelerating Insights into Supply Chain Risk and Spend