Biting The Data Management Bullet At GlaxoSmithKline

“There comes a time in the life of almost every large organization when it has to admit that it doesn’t have the data environment it needs to succeed.” That’s how Tom Davenport and Randy Bean’s article in Forbes begins. Their story describes how GSK’s Chief Data Officer has led an effort to transform the company’s data management capabilities to accelerate its digital transformation. Tamr’s machine learning-based enterprise data unification platform has been a core component of GSK’s initiative.

“GSK R&D’s data environment is something that one often hears about in startups, but is rarely found in large enterprises.”

– Tom Davenport – Author, Speaker, Advisor

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Thomson Reuters

GE Saves Millions With Tamr

In this video, Emily Galt, Tamr customer and VP of Product Management at GE, shares how GE is partnering with Tamr create clean unified view of suppliers.

We started with the use case of trying to understand what we are really spending with our suppliers… We were able to unlock $80M in insights in 2015, the first year that we engaged.

-Emily Galt, VP of Product Management at GE

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Putting Customer Data in Top Gear at Toyota Motor Europe

Watch this brief and lively case study detailing Tamr’s integrated approach to unifying Toyota Motor Europe’s siloed customer data. Learn how TME is using the unified data to increase the effectiveness of demand forecasting, marketing and sales; and “most importantly, treating Sofia Garcia like the longtime happy customer that she is.

while we found that [traditional data management] approaches could be effective with small amounts of relatively static data, none could be scaled effectively to meet our ever-increasing volume and data complexity requirements.

– Matt Stevens, Director at Toyota Motor Europe

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Save Months of Time and Over 40% of Manual Effort

In this customer testimonial, Tim Baker, Global Head of New Content Initiatives shares how Thomson Reuters was able to deliver better connected content at a fraction of the time and cost with Tamr.

“Tamr’s novel integration platform enabled us to expedite our own entity integration efforts by several months while reducing the manual effort by over 40% – a substantial achievement”

– Tim Baker, Global Head of New Content Initiatives

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HPE Improves Win Rate with Integrated Customer Data

Tamr’s machine-driven, expert-guided approach to data unification scaled customer journey analytics across the entire HPE digital marketing base in days, and now regularly keeps the data clean and up-to-date. The output has helped the software marketing team make informed marketing investments and optimize marketing activities.

Tamr allowed us to get to views and insights we otherwise could never have reached, ultimately improving our win rate.

– Iana Dankova, Business analytics manager at HPE, big data

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