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Xconomy Post: “Where the Red Book Meets the Unicorn”



In a post for Xconomy titled “Where the Red Book Meets the Unicorn,” Tamr CEO and Co-Founder Andy Palmer celebrates the career of his good friend and fellow Co-Founder (and CTO) Mike Stonebraker upon Mike’s acceptance this past weekend of the ACM 2014 A.M. Turing Award.

In reviewing Mike’s distinguished career, Andy highlights an approach used by Mike and other research pioneers within IT (such as Jim Gray and Dave DeWitt) and other industries (such as biomed icon Bob Langer): they did their work “at the intersection of the academic and commercial worlds.” This is because, writes Andy,

[I]n academia, you have the opportunity to question assumptions free of the shackles of corporate politics, short-term requirements, and non-technical middle managers … In the meantime, the commercial world today remains the only place to test and prove database systems theory at scale.

Take a few minutes to read the full Xconomy piece and gain from Andy’s advice to “all next-gen computer scientists/software engineers interested in big data research and development.”

And keep a continued eye on Mike Stonebraker as he continues his phenomenal career. As this piece from FierceBigData proclaims: “While many company heads claim to be thought leaders, Stonebraker is the real deal. Watch the man and his businesses for important clues on where big data is going next.”