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Why Tamr Joined The Board Challenge

Recently, Tamr joined The Board Challenge as a Pledge Partner. This means we are commiting to add at least one Black director to Tamr’s Board of Directors in the next twelve months. Black leaders are significantly under-represented in America’s boardrooms, including ours. It’s time to accelerate change and set an example for others. 

At Tamr, we are resolute about the need to promote diversity throughout our company, management team and board of directors. The makeup of people at Tamr, and those in its board of directors, should reflect the makeup of the communities we serve and we are committed to driving this change. Joining The Board Challenge pledge is a critical step to strengthen Tamr as a company. Research proves that a diverse board of directors brings greater perspectives to their organizations, leading to stronger companies with demonstrably better long-term outcomes. 

Speaking personally, I believe diversity is a core American strength and should be a central pillar of the technology community and the larger business community. As a serial entrepreneur, seed investor, CEO, and member of dozens of boards over the past 20 years, I recognize the importance of true and full racial and gender representation at the board level, and the impact leaders can have to make a positive change. 

I’m incredibly excited to be involved early on with The Board Challenge as a pledge partner, and am thankful for Dave Girouard (co-founder and CEO at Upstart) and Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (founder of theBoardlist and co-founder of The Board Challenge) for inspiring us to join. I strongly encourage other companies to join us and take the pledge – here is a link to request more information.

The Board Challenge is a movement to improve the representation of people of color in corporate U.S. boardrooms by “challenging” companies to take the pledge to appoint a Black director within a year of taking the pledge. Begun in just September, over 60 companies have already taken the pledge, including industry leaders like Nextdoor, Salesforce and Best Buy. Founding pledge partners have already appointed five Black directors to corporate boards.

I will continue to post updates on our progress and hope to have exciting news to share soon! 

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