The Top Data and Analytics Podcasts of 2020

Data and analytics podcasts 2020

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re already a fan of Tamr’s DataMasters podcast. But there are a wealth of great data and analytics podcasts out there, and we wanted to share a few that we think are some of the best. Here are our picks for the top data and analytics podcasts, but we’d love to hear what else you are listening to!


  • Publisher/Company: Tamr
  • Host: Anthony Deighton, Chief Product Officer at Tamr
  • Overview: The bi-weekly DataMasters podcast gives data and IT leaders a platform to share stories on how they made their organizations more data driven. It highlights how data fuels business decisions and impacts every aspect of an organization, and provides a view into how guests overcame technical, political, and cultural challenges through their careers.
  • Check outEpisode 6 – Getting data mastering at scale right with Mike Stonebraker. The episode features MIT Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and 2014 Turing Award winner Mike Stonebraker discussing common data mastering mistakes, why traditional tools aren’t right for the task, and sharing examples of companies that have successfully mastered data at scale.

The Data Crunch Podcast

  • Publisher/Company: Data Crunch
  • Host: Ginette Methot-Seare, content creator & producer at Data Crunch, and Curtis Seare, CTO and Founder at Data Crunch
  • Overview: With a slightly less-technical bent than many of the other Podcasts on our list, this one is a fit for CEOs, founders, and other innovators. It examines the ways that successful leaders use data and analytics to build companies, find efficiencies, and develop new capabilities to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, with a particular focus on machine learning, and AI.
  • Check outSept. 26, 2019 – Structuring Your Data Science Dream Team. This is a great leadership and data focused episode on the organizational structures of data science teams, the different approaches, and how they tie back into the business.


  • Publisher/Company: DataCamp
  • Host: Hugo Bowne-Anderson, head of data science evangelism & marketing at Coiled
  • Overview: This podcast, which recently returned from a yearlong hiatus, takes the approach of exploring the problems that data scientists must try to solve on an industry basis and through the lens of top trends.
  • Check outEpisode 60 – Data Privacy in the Age of COVID-19 (with Katharine Jarmul). The return episode following the aforementioned hiatus features discussion of the tools being developed to help through the crisis and their impact on privacy with Katherine Jarmul, a data scientist and head of product at Cape Privacy.

Data Science at Home

  • Publisher/Company: Amethix Technologies
  • Host: Dr. Francesco Gadaleta, senior software engineer & chief data scientist at Amethix Technologies
  • Overview: The podcast – which focuses on machine learning, AI and algorithms – includes both solo episodes and interviews with researchers and influential scientists in the fields of AI and data science.
  • Check outEpisode 66 – More intelligent machines with self-supervised learning. This solo episode features Dr. Gadaleta discussing a new paradigm of machine learning which he describes as “self-supervised learning.”

Data Skeptic

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Kyle Polich, Data Skeptic Podcast
  • Overview: The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.
  • Check outJune 26, 2020 – Interpretability Practitioners. This episode features Sungsoo Ray Hong, a Postdoctoral Fellow of Visualization for Machine Learning at NYU, discussing his paper on Human Factors in Model Interpretability.

Data Stories

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Enrico Bertini, Assistant Professor at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and Moritz Stefaner, data visualization consultant specialist and consultant
  • Overview: Data Stories is a bi-weekly, guest-centered data podcast that discusses trends in data analytics and visualizations. Among its self-identified Classic Episodes are “xkcd or the art of data storytelling with web cartoons,” “Feminist Data Visualization with Catherine D’Ignazio,” and “The ‘Dashboard Conspiracy’ with Lyn Bartram and Alper Sarikaya.”
  • Check outEpisode 160 – Visualizing COVID-19 with Carl Bergstrom. A great look at data representations through the pandemic, this episode features in-depth discussion of several Covid-19 visualizations, their nuances, and lessons learned from them with Carl Bergstrom, leading theoretical and evolutionary biologist and a professor at the University of Washington.

Digital Analytics Power Hour

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Michael Helbling, owner of AJL Analytics, Moe Kiss, senior data analyst at Canva, and Tim Wilson, director of analytics at Search Directory
  • Overview: Hosted by three analysts who have been around the digital analytics block a few times and spend their free time discussing those travels, each episode is a closed topic and an open forum. The goal is for listeners to enjoy listening to Michael, Moe, and Tim share their thoughts and experiences and hopefully take away something to try at work the next day.
  • Check outEpisode 144: Landing the Dream Data Job with Ollie Darmon. A great conversation with the recruitment lead for Growth and Operations at Canva. This episode features advice for listeners looking to land their dream data job and what they can, and should, do to not only get in the door, but to actually close the deal and get hired.


  • Publisher/Company: PolicyViz
  • Host: Jon Schwabish, founder, PolicyViz
  • Overview: PolicyViz is a resource that helps business professionals do a better job processing, analyzing, sharing, and presenting data. The podcast features tutorials, best practices, and some of the most prominent leaders in the fields of data visualization and presentation skills.
  • Check outEpisode 177: Christine Zhang. This episode features a discussion with Christine Zhang, currently a data journalist at the Financial Times, and previously for The Baltimore Sun.

Present Beyond Measure

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Lea Pica, Present Beyond Measure
  • Overview: Your one-stop shop for essential data visualization and presentation skills for digital marketers, web analysts, and BI practitioners. With regular original content and luminary guest appearances from Rand Fishkin, Jim Sterne, Dustin Mathews, Garr Reynolds and more. Listen to learn more about how to present your data, inform business decisions, inspire action, and become indispensable.
  • Check outEpisode 58 – Facing Racism in the Analytics Field and Beyond with Mary Owusu + Pierre DeBois. This episode is not like the rest, but it is a crucially important conversation right now in the aftermath of the George Floyd death and resulting protests. Mary Owusu and Pierre DeBois, two highly respected people of color in the digital analytics field, share their experiences with discrimination and racism in the tech field.

Secrets of Data Analytics Leaders

  • Publisher/Company: Eckerson Group
  • Host: Wayne Eckerson, founder & principal consultant, Eckerson Group
  • Overview: Each episode features trends, best practices, and insight into the technologies driving the industry forward, with some of the top minds in the field unearthing the secrets of their success.
  • Check outMarch 25, 2020 – Joe Dossantos: The Role of Chief Data Officer. This episode offers an in-depth look at the role of the Chief Data Officer featuring a conversation with Joe Dossantos, newly minted CDO for the data and analytics software vendor Qlik.

The TWIML AI Podcast

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Sam Charrington, founder & principal analyst, CloudPulse Strategies
  • Overview: The TWIML AI Podcast brings top influencers in the world of machine learning and AI to a highly technical community of data scientists, engineers, and business and IT leaders. It examines new ideas, use cases and the impact of smart, next-generation data modeling in business and the world at large.
  • Check outMay 28, 2020 – Engineering a Less Artificial Intelligence with Andreas Tolias. The episode sees Andreas, a neuroscience and AI researcher and professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, discuss a piece he authored on shortcomings of state-of-the-art learning algorithms in comparison to the brain, the promise of deep neural networks, the difference between inductive bias and model bias, and more.


  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: James Le, graduate researcher, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Overview: Recently celebrating its second birthday, Datacast is a roughly semi-monthly podcast that features honest conversations with AI and ML practitioners and researchers about their career journeys the lessons they’ve learned along the way.
  • Check out: Episode 35 – Data Science for Food Discovery with Ankit Jain. This episode examines Ankit’s path to his current role as a senior research scientist at Uber AI Labs, Uber’s machine learning research arm, where he works on the application of deep learning methods to a variety of Uber’s challenges, ranging from food delivery to fraud detection and self-driving cars.

Data Science Imposters

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Antonio Borges, senior software engineer at Virtu Financial, and Jordy Estevez, associate director of construction at M Moser Associates
  • Overview: While hosted by a technologist with a B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Information technology and an engineer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, all from RPI, Data Science Imposters prides itself on its casual approach to discussions of data science, analytics, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Check out: March 23, 2020 – Data Science and Politics. Antonio and Jordy are joined by Dr. Andrew Therriault, a data science and strategy consultant who teaches a Harvard course titled “Data Science for Political Campaigns” and previously served as CDO for the City of Boston and Director of Data Science for the Democratic National Committee.

Women In Data Science

  • Publisher/Company: Stanford University
  • Host: Margot Gerritsen, senior associate dean for educational affairs and professor of energy resources engineering at Stanford University
  • Overview: Each episode features leading women in data science sharing their work, advice, and career lessons. With guests spanning from healthcare to finance and cosmology to human rights, Margot covers a wide range of domains with something of interest for everyone.
  • Check out: Episode 22 – The Importance of Data Integrity in COVID-19 Clinical Trials. This episode features Manisha Desai, professor of medicine (research) and of biomedical data science, and director of the Quantitative Sciences Unit at Stanford University, sharing insights and discussing challenges with regards to the COVID-19 clinical trials.

Half Stack Data Science

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: David Asboth, data scientist at Cox Automotive UK , and Shaun McGirr, head of data science & BI at Cox Automotive UK
  • Overview: Half Stack Data Science is a podcast about data science in the real world and particularly in business enterprises. It just began a second season following a six-month hiatus
  • Check out: Season 2 Episode 2 – Andrea Jones-Rooy. Andrea is a social scientist specializing in complexity with expertise in data science, international relations, diversity and uncertainty. She’s also a comedian and circus performer and has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Data Futurology

  • Publisher/Company: Independent
  • Host: Felipe Flores, Head of Data Science at Honeysuckle Heath
  • Overview: The podcast features interviews with executives in the analytics space discussing the elements of a data science career beyond the algorithms and technical expertise, including what makes someone a great data scientist, how to lead a data science team, and how to prepare for future challenges.
  • Check out: Episode 123: Why We Need to Focus on Implementing Data Governance with Michelle Pineiro. As Head of Enterprise Data Governance at ANZ Bank, Michelle makes the case for the importance of transparency in data ethics, outlines the changes in how we think about data governance over the past 20 years, and makes some predictions for the future.