Three Questions with Min Xiao — Tamr Field Engineering Lead

The first in a recurring series of posts featuring Tamr’s people answering thee questions about our aspirations and inspirations. Field Engineering Lead Min Xiao leads off …

Min Pic

Tamr Field Engineering Lead Min Xiao

1] In your wildest imagination, what problem or kind of customer problem can you see Tamr solving?

These days, people know what business questions they’d like to answer with their data. But it’s hard to access all the data they are supposed to use. I believe one day Tamr will be able to understand someone’s business questions and automatically connect all the data available to answer the questions – instantly. Tamr will do so by making data-sharing powerfully easy. As a result of this broadly connected data, new businesses and new technologies in all industries will emerge and significantly improve our quality of life.

2]  What specific challenge are you working on right now?

As the Field Engineering Lead, my general challenge is helping customers understand the potential value Tamr could provide to their enterprises. This is because Tamr’s approach is new to many of them — i.e., bottom-up and probabilistic data curation and integration, as opposed to the top-down, deterministic Master Data Management approach.

Most people we have talked to understand that Tamr’s technology is cutting-edge. As with many technological advancements, it can be unclear initially how Tamr co-exists with their current infrastructure and what type of business benefit they will see.

So right now we’re working to define and articulate a data curation architecture that enterprise customers can envision adopting relatively easily. Our inspiration, not surprisingly, is Google – and how they are able to navigate consumers through new technologies and platform changes in a way that makes adoption feel seamless.

3]  What are you most proud of contributing, to date, to Tamr’s development of customer solutions?

I am most proud that our customers at Thomson Reuters, one of our earliest deployments, trust Tamr – and our people – so much. Enough, in fact, to start referring other customers our way. There’s really no better compliment for a field engineering team.

You’d have to ask the folks at TR directly, of course, but I’d guess that it’s a combination of our technology and our people they trust. They believe our curation technology is the future and in line with their long-term trajectory. Meanwhile, I think TR values how our respective teams have worked together to bring out the best in Tamr’s technology. Service is often overlooked in new technology solutions, but when you have field and customer teams working so well together, everyone benefits.