Thomson Reuters Extends Tamr’s Capabilities To Their Customers

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As we mentioned in a previous post, Tamr has a great relationship with Thomson Reuters. As an industry-leading content provider, the firm asked Tamr to implement a robust data integration solution (powered by Tamr’s human-guided machine learning) to handle its in-house data integration challenges. Thomson Reuters, which uses AWS, realized significant benefits of the Tamr implementation, including:

  • Expediting their data integration efforts by several months
  • Reducing the manual effort needed to integrate datasets by over 40%
  • Achieving precision and recall rates of over 95%

But Thomson Reuters wanted to extend these data integration capabilities to customers who may face similar challenges like integrating Thomson Reuters’ datasets alongside their own. Customer success for Thomson Reuters and Tamr focuses on solving significant client issues so that customers can operate as effectively as possible — with the foundation being best-in-class content and data integration capabilities.

In this short video, you will hear Marika Vilen – Global Head of Partners at Thomson Reuters – speak to the many benefits of combining Thomson Reuters, AWS, and Tamr offerings in client projects, including:

  • Speeding up time-to-market
  • Reducing the cost of manual effort
  • Leveraging best-in-class data