Tech Republic: “How to cope with the big data variety problem”

Tech Republic Big Data Variety

How to cope with the big data variety problem

Dealing with the variety of data and data sources is becoming a greater concern for enterprises. Here are ways to attack the data variety issue.

“In addition to volume and velocity, variety is fast becoming a third big data “V-factor.” The problem is especially prevalent in large enterprises, which have many systems of record and also an abundance of data under management that is structured and unstructured. These enterprises often have multiple purchasing, manufacturing, sales, finance, and other departmental functions in separate subsidiaries and branch facilities, and they end up with “siloed” systems because of the functional duplicity.

Consequently, what enterprises are finding as they work on their big data and analytics initiatives is that there is a need to harness the variety of these data and system sources to maximize the return from their analytics and also to leverage the benefits of what they learn across as many areas of the enterprise as they can.

Decentralized purchasing functions with their own separate purchasing systems and data repositories are a great example.” Read More