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We soaked up 462 minutes and 39 seconds  worth of DataMasters content this year. Here are some of our favorite moments and some of our most beloved blog posts:

Top Blog Posts of 2021: 

1- New Forrester Consulting Study Affirms the Business Value of Clean Customer Data; Reveals Tamr’s Cloud-Native Data Mastering Can Deliver 643% ROI in Three Years

Forrester study reveals Tamr Customer Mastering can deliver 643% ROI in three years.

2- What is Customer Master Data Management

This article explains what customer master data management is, why it is important, and the key components for addressing it at enterprise scale.

3- What is Data Unification?

To those unfamiliar, data unification may seem insignificant. After all, it can’t be that hard to unify data, right? Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception. Data unification is an incredibly complex process and one of the biggest challenges many large organizations face today.

In this article, we’ll dig into how it works. And provide some color beyond the the definition of data unification:

Data Unification (n): The process of ingesting data from various operational systems and combining them into a single source by performing transformations, schema integrations, deduplications, and general cleaning of all the records.

4- Five of our Favorite Tableau Extensions

In this post, we share some of our favorite Tableau extensions. Two primary drivers of our product design process are increasing analytic adoption by end-users and embracing the tools where users prefer to work — whether that’s Excel, email, or Tableau. The Tableau extensions we’ve highlighted here share this philosophy.

5- Winning the AML War: The Three Lines of Defense for Financial Institutions

This blog dives into how the world of money laundering is embracing modern technologies to find new ways to conduct illicit activity.

Best of DataMasters 2021: 

1- U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team’s Gus Kaeding: Mining data for gold medals

Gus Kaeding, Performance Data Manager at U.S. Ski & Snowboard talks to Anthony about how the U.S. Ski & Snowboard teams are using data to improve team performance and win more medals. Gus explains where the similarities start and end with the famous “Moneyball’ approach to team selection. Why communication with coaches and athletes about data findings is just as important as the results. The challenges of starting a data program from scratch, and what’s next for the team as they approach the 2020 Winter Olympics.

2- Powering Sports Performance with Data with Angela Ruggiero, CEO at Sports Innovation Lab

Learn how 4x Olympian and hockey hall of famer, Angela Ruggiero, was able to maintain top performance over her extensive career using data. Get inspired with new ways you can use data to stay at the top of your game.

3- Trifacta CEO, Adam Wilson: How To Help End-Users Truly Be Data-Driven

Anthony Deighton sits down with Trifacta’s CEO Adam Wilson to talk about changes to the data landscape, why we need to pay more attention to how we people become “data-driven”, and how Tamr and Trifacta work in harmony to deliver transformative data initiatives.

4- Fireside Chat with Turing Award Winner, Dr. Michael Stonebraker

In this session, you’ll get straight talk from Mike Stonebraker on why you need to plan for internal IT to be dramatically restructured, which areas of data mastering are key in the future (spoiler alert: most everything), and how you can establish a data organization with the chops to lead your organization in building a broadly data-driven culture.

5- Aligning your Data Strategy with your Business Strategy with Art Morales, Vice President, Data & Technology Solutions at WCG

This session explores how data leaders can connect digital transformation initiatives to organizational needs, how to make the business case for using new technology and what technical approaches provide WCG with the data it needs to support business initiatives.