Tamr to Showcase Clinical Trial Data Unification at Big Data & Analytics for Pharma Summit

Big Data & Analytics Pharma Summit, PA: November 5-6th, 2014

Big Data and Analytics for Pharma Summit


Tamr, Inc. will be a leading sponsor of the Big Data & Analytics for Pharma event in Philadelphia, PA. During the event, Tamr will demonstrate its data curation platform to the large audience of pharmaceutical experts attending the summit. The platform, which is designed to allow enterprises to use all their data for analytics, is particularly useful to pharmaceutical companies with large volumes and varieties of clinical research data.

Tamr enables faster data connections and drives a cultural shift around data quality and accessibility. Data that is often siloed, inconsistently labeled (both intentionally and unintentionally), and trapped in thousands of spreadsheets becomes accessible and impactful to all who need it. Analysts gain the ability to quickly find critical data on compounds, assays, and reactions in order to increase research efficiency and decrease drug-development costs. This is achieved through Tamr’s unique approach of probabilistic curation, advanced machine learning, and human interaction.

“Before, our scientists were heads down, only concerned about their research. With Tamr, they see the big picture, and they are excited to make their data better and make it available to others. It is a major, positive change in their thinking,” a VP of IT at a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company has said about Tamr.

To learn more, Tamr invites you to stop by booth #1 at the show for a demo. To kickoff the event on the morning of Tuesday, November 5th, Tamr will provide a brief overview of the technology and describe the many advantages to utilizing the platform and leveraging all data.

For more information about the event, please visit: http://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/big-data-analytics-for-pharma-2014-November-philadelphia.