Why Tamr Is Recognized As A “Champion” In Data Preparation By Bloor Research

Bloor Research recently published their 2016 report on “Self-Service Data Preparation & Cataloguing” and listed Tamr as a “Champion” in the space. We’re honored by this, especially given how many more vendors are starting to enter the market. This movement also speaks to our core belief that data preparation offers increasingly strong value propositions to customers across all industries. Here’s our key takeaways on the market and why we were recognized:

The Need For Data Preparation Is Very Real

In the report, Bloor hit on some core points related to the need for data preparation and we believe these are applicable to virtually all enterprises today:

  • Too much time is spent preparing data for analysis: This echos numerous findings that 80% of a business analyst or data scientist’s time is spent preparing datasets for downstream analysis — time that could be better spent on more value-added activities.
  • Insight is limited to a subset of internal data: Analysts increasingly want to work with multiple data sources — internal and external — in different formats to enrich their downstream analysis. Unfortunately, their existing set of capabilities don’t enable this in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Business users are being left behind: Existing tools and processes for accessing, manipulating, governing and transforming data were designed for IT, not business users. This results in increased reliance on IT, limited business interaction in the preparation process, and often forces business users to break protocol and try (unsuccessfully) to prepare the data themselves.

Tamr’s Data Preparation Capabilities Are Differentiated And Compelling

Bloor stresses that data preparation is needed to overcome these challenges and, in order to do it well, you need to (a) know what data is available to you and then (b) actually “prepare” that data to make it suitable for analysis — what they call “Data Preparation and Cataloguing”.

We couldn’t agree more. As a pioneer in data unification, this is precisely our product vision. Specifically, Bloor recognized Tamr’s advantage in:

  • Data cataloguing: Tamr was one of the first vendors to help organizations discover relevant metadata, assess its quality, and then visualize it to understand the relationships among the datasets. Most data preparation vendors do not offer this compelling functionality as part of their platform.
  • Preparing sources for downstream usage: Bloor noted that Tamr was one of the earliest companies “focused on unifying and preparing data from a wide range of sources for downstream analytics or operational purposes”. Unlike other vendors, we do this in a way that heavily leverages automation through our machine-driven, human-guided approach.

The approach we take has strong advantages over alternative methods and offers the greatest change in the status quo, including:

  • Speed of integration: Our customers have been able to improve time-to-value by reducing the time it takes to integrate datasets from months to merely days.
  • Scalability: Our implementations have offered customers much more enriched views of their environments by bringing in all datasets of interest. In certain implementations, we’ve been able to prepare dozens of ERP systems for procurement analytics in merely days and surfaced hundreds of millions of dollars in cost-savings opportunities.
  • Collaboration and Accuracy: Because our approach brings humans in the loop for validation of automation results, business analysts are more engaged and resulting datasets have reached 99+% levels of accuracy.

Again, we’re honored to be recognized by Bloor and play a leading role in the market. We see nothing but a bright future for the data preparation space and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible to better serve our customers everyday.