Tamr joins Snowflake’s Governance Accelerated program to help businesses improve the security and value of their data

CAMBRIDGE, MA., NOVEMBER 17, 2021 — Tamr today announced that it has joined the Governance Accelerated Program from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Cloud-native data mastering from Tamr combined with Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables companies to know and trust their data for faster compliance and better analytics.

Tamr, a Snowflake Premier Technology Partner, takes advantage of two key governance features in Snowflake — Object Tagging and Access History — to improve the value and security of an organization’s data.

Tamr leverages Object Tagging to identify sensitive data (such as personally identifiable information) at scale to aid with compliance and access control. Tamr automatically reads the tags applied to objects in Snowflake, influencing the creation and definition of the golden customer records used to meet regulations or support digital transformation initiatives. Instead of each system defining their individual tag policies, Snowflake is used as the central repository for the creation and management of tag metadata, making it easier to track sensitive information by using Tamr.

When used in conjunction with Snowflake’s Access History, Tamr can help increase trust in the data in Snowflake. By using Access History to see who accessed a table created with Tamr, organizations can seek feedback from these users that allows Tamr to auto-correct issues. Making data consumers an integral part of improving data quality improves end-user engagement and confidence, accelerating a company’s journey to becoming data-driven.

“We share Snowflake’s vision of helping companies get the most value out of their data. Without that trust, you probably won’t have confidence in your analytics. We see data mastering as foundational in establishing that trust, especially around objectives such as identifying what information is sensitive and improving the quality of the data in Snowflake that’s been cleaned and curated by Tamr,” said Tamr Chief Product Officer Anthony Deighton.

“Tamr can help build trust by helping companies get to know their data. For Snowflake customers, this means that data used with Tamr in the Data Cloud is accurate, clean and can help deliver the analytical and regulatory outcomes they’re after,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake, at Snowflake.

To learn more about Tamr’s Snowflake partnership, please visit this page.

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About Tamr, Inc.
Tamr is the leading data mastering company, accelerating the business outcomes of the worlds’ largest organizations by powering analytic insights, boosting operational efficiency, and enhancing data operations. Tamr’s cloud-native solutions offer an effective alternative to traditional Master Data Management (MDM) tools, using machine learning to do the heavy lifting to consolidate, cleanse, and categorize data. Tamr is the foundation for modern DataOps at large organizations including Industry leaders like Toyota, Santander, and GSK. Backed by investors including NEA and Google Ventures, Tamr is transforming how companies get value from their data.