Tamr Hosts Agile Data Unification Seminars in Asia Pacific

At Tamr, we are committed to helping enterprises tackle the challenges that come with Big Data, so that they can fully leverage their data as an asset to help drive analytical outcomes and make informed business decisions. That’s why we recently hosted two events in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, with the goal of bringing together thought leaders to discuss key industry trends in this quickly changing data landscape. 

These events, held in Japan and South Korea, brought together existing Tamr customers, solutions providers, and leading global companies from the region to discuss the unique challenges of Big Data. As these large enterprises try to address the need for swift digital transformation, they are finding that issues around data quality and access to data are impeding their ability to quickly and efficiently deliver results. The goal of these events was to discuss these challenges, how to effectively tackle them, and how solutions like Tamr play a critical role in leveraging data as an asset to maintain a competitive edge. 

Agile Data Unification in Financial Services

In Tokyo, Japan, Tamr hosted a seminar centered on agile data unification in financial services, where leading Japanese financial services and insurance companies, global and regional consulting firms and system integrators gathered to discuss industry trends such as DataOps and agile data mastering with machine learning. 

Regulatory compliance and managing risk are driving many financial institutions–both within Japan and globally–to embrace new technology to protect and more effectively use their data. Two of the biggest strategic priorities in this industry are Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). The root cause of these two complex challenges comes from the numerous siloed data systems that contain customer, account and transaction data.  During this seminar, Tamr introduced how its agile data unification approach to bringing disparate, siloed data together quickly and with higher quality is helping financial services institutions solve these KYC and AML challenges. 

These two examples of KYC and AML resonated significantly with attendees, who flocked to speak with Tamr’s Tokyo-based Lead Sales Engineer, Shigeru Kitazaki. As Shigeru stated at the event, “it is not enough to spend 80% of your time on data prep when it comes to unifying datasets distilled from many operational companies.” After this lively evening of discussion and drinks, attendees left this event knowing more about how new best of breed technologies like Tamr are tackling their most pressing data challenges and also connected attendees to their peers and fellow thought leaders as they embark together on digitally transforming their respective organizations. 

Leveraging Machine Learning and AI

Tamr’s event in Seoul, South Korea was co-hosted with P&D Solution, a Korean technology consultancy specializing in data analysis. This seminar brought together leading companies from a variety of sectors, including global technology manufacturers, government institutions, consumer branded companies and leading consulting companies in the region. 

Ravi Hulasi, Tamr’s Head of Strategic Partnerships and Financial Services Sales Engineering, noted how engaged the attendees were during the interactive Q&A session where common data challenges were shared. Ravi noted that “many of the attendees have faced the same challenge of having projects fail due to an overambitious goal of replacing systems and processes both at the same time. They were particularly interested to hear about how individual curation components can be implemented alongside existing systems to quickly add value to key business entities.”

Both of these events focused on topics that are important for global enterprises as they continue to navigate the changing data landscape. Above all, attendees learned more about agile data mastering, which enables enterprises to rapidly and repeatedly unlock value from a wide variety of data sources by combining highly automated, scalable, cross-domain data unificiation technologies with a rapid, iterative, and collaborative process. 

We are excited to continue expanding our reach and thought leadership programs in APAC in the near future. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to us or schedule a demo.