Tamr + Forrester Webinar: Data Preparation Is The Key To Great Business Insight

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Tamr and Forrester Research have partnered to offer a free, on-demand webinar on the topic of data preparation – titled “Data Preparation Is The Key To Great Business Insight”

The webinar features:

Michele GoetzPrincipal Analyst, Forrester Research

Michael Collins – Product Marketing, Tamr


Organizations are living in an insight economy where surfacing intelligence from the data they have and taking action immediately — not in days, weeks, or months — is the difference between being an industry leader or a laggard. Getting in the way is old thinking, old processes, and old technology not suited to this new era.

Business users and IT alike struggle with accessing and preparing large volumes of highly diverse, siloed datasets for analysis. Data preparation solutions are providing a new way to align data to insight at scale — done in an agile and collaborative manner by leveraging the power of machine learning.

In this webinar, you’ll see:

  • What organizations are doing to step beyond today’s data barriers
  • How to rethink roles, processes, and governance to prepare data for business outcomes
  • Technology innovations that make data bottlenecks a thing of the past