The Most Powerful Means of Transmitting Data About Humans: Tamr and CAA


When Eric Iverson, recent CIO from CAA, joined Tamr’s annual company kickoff this week, he reminded us about how omnipresent data is in our lives. He asked us Tamrs to close our eyes and think about what comes to mind when we hear the word “AI”. Moments later, he flashed a series of movie posters on the screen and said, “raise your hand if any of you thought of one of these”. A majority of the audience confirmed “AI” evoked thoughts of movies and shows like Battlestar Galactica, Her, Ex Machina.

Stories are the most powerful means of transmitting data about the human existence. Whether we realize it or not, we resolve most incoming information by creating stories in our mind. Eric noted: Why didn’t my daughter call me on time? How will I scale this data pipeline? The internal answers start with a story we tell ourselves. Most everything we know about life—what we know about our family, how to solve a problem at work, how to process current events—are all learned through stories. These stories are how we process the data of life. 

At CAA, they are in the business of weaving complex stories—informed by immense amount of data—to find the right opportunities for their clients. Actors, actresses, athletes, brands and media teams turn to CAA to match their career goals with the right opportunities.

The challenge? Consolidating and analyzing billions of datasets—every job their clients have ever had, information about media that viewers are consuming across the globe, and knowledge about future projects—to create a story that bridges all of these gaps and brings the data to life. 

André Vargas, Chief Data Officer from CAA, needed to accelerate insights so that CAA’s agents could find the right opportunities for clients more quickly, orchestrating the stories that shape so much of our lives. They chose Tamr to help them unify internal and external datasets, and the two teams worked side-by-side to tackle massive data problems. For CAA, Tamr’s approach to human-guided machine learning was particularly compelling as human interaction is so critical to their data-driven business. The result? Faster time to insights for their agents.

To learn more about why CAA partnered with Tamr to unify unstructured, ever-changing media data, watch our story here.