Tamr Awarded its 16th Patent in 10 Years

Latest patent demonstrates Tamr’s commitment to innovation and creativity in data science

CAMBRIDGE, MA., November 1, 2022 — Tamr, Inc., the leader in data mastering, today announced its newest patent, Method and System for Large Scale Data Curation. This patent, the 16th in Tamr’s patent portfolio , demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and creativity in the crowded master data management space.

Tamr’s newest patent is a continuation of their first patent and part of the first patent family for the company. The award, focused on Tamr’s unique, integrated approach to data curation, recognizes Tamr’s continued innovation in data unification across source systems. Tamr’s innovations enable companies to reduce the time it takes to realize data mastering results when compared with traditional master data management (MDM) projects.

“Our latest patent recognizes our unique approach to data mastering that allows companies to conduct schema mapping and entity resolution at the same time,” said Nik Bates-Haus, chief architect at Tamr. “Through this innovation, customers reduce the time it takes to realize usable results from their data – from 18+ months to just a matter of weeks. So you can imagine the business benefits for our customers in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, the public sector and all the other industries we work with.”

In a space marked by years of patent awards and new innovations, Tamr’s latest patent clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to consistently delivering new, creative ways for companies to break down data silos and deliver clean, accurate data.

“Tamr believes in relentless innovation – it’s who we are,” said Andy Palmer, co-founder and CEO, Tamr. “Our latest patent is not just a continuation of the original patent that led to the creation of Tamr, but also proof of our ongoing commitment to delivering the creative and innovative systems and approaches to data mastering that our customers need to succeed.”

“To be awarded a patent in today’s crowded data science space is difficult. Many patent applications are rejected for not demonstrating novelty, patentable subject matter and innovation” said John Simmons, intellectual property attorney and partner at Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel, LLP. “Tamr’s ability to secure a continuation on its original patent shows not just their history of innovation, but also their ongoing commitment to continuously delivering new data mastering solutions in new ways to respond to customer needs. Tamr’s many fold additions to its patent portfolio are cutting edge and pioneering technologies.”

About Tamr
Tamr is a highly scalable next-generation data mastering platform that allows customers to use data product templates to consolidate messy source data into clean, curated, analytics-ready datasets. Organizations benefit from Tamr Mastering, the industry’s first suite of data product templates that combine human curation, patented machine learning, mastering rules and enrichment with first- and third-party data to accelerate business outcomes and deliver business-changing insights. Tamr’s cloud-native and SaaS solutions enable industry leaders such as Toyota, Western Union and GSK to get ahead and stay ahead in a rapidly changing competitor environment. Tamr’s work in the public sector includes the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Department of Homeland Security and various other federal and local government agencies.

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