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Data Mesh 101

Data mesh continues to grow in popularity in part because data is everywhere. Every system and every process in our personal and professional lives collects and generates data. And the volume and variety of this data is growing at a…

Nov 29, 2022 Insights

Customer Data Platforms vs. Master Data Management

Introduction Two popular solutions for solving the persistent problems of bad customer data are Master Data Management (MDM) and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). While the two technologies aim to solve similar problems around poor data, there are important differences in…

Jul 20, 2021 Featured Content

Making the Business Case for Modern Master Data Management in Two Easy Steps

67% of technology buyers lack the knowledge or tools to build business cases (IDC) This missing skill can delay (or kill) approval of high-business-ROI solutions like modern Master Data Management (MDM) A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study demonstrates…

Jul 1, 2021 Featured Content

Modernize Your MDM in 2021 with Tamr

Tamr, the leading provider of cloud-native data mastering solutions, announced today a limited time offer as part of the company’s “Modernize Your MDM” campaign: new customers that master their B2B customer or supplier data in the cloud will receive six…

Feb 1, 2021 Featured Content

10 Important Questions Asked and Answered at The DataMasters Summit (Part I)

Our big inaugural event, DataMasters Summit wrapped this month. Hundreds of people registered to listen to more than 25 original presentations by some of the most important and influential voices in data. We featured speakers from Government, Financial Services, Life…

Oct 26, 2020 Featured Content

What’s Driving Digital Transformation at Santander?

Santander, also known as Banco Santander SA, sits at #55 on the Forbes Global 2000 list ranking the world’s largest public companies. The banking services company, with a market cap of over $37 billion, operates across Europe, North America, and…

Jun 18, 2020 Insights

Finding more value from managed care data across an organization with Tamr

In a previous post, I wrote how life science companies can gain an edge on their competition by constructing a well-laid foundation of curated data for each entity in the very complex managed care ecosystem. While this may not be…

May 15, 2020 Featured Content

All’s FAIR in Life Sciences

The FAIR data principles are finally emerging from the halls of academia to find their place in the commercial world. And not a moment too soon for life sciences businesses, as they begin to treat their R&D data as first-class…

Dec 17, 2019 Featured Content

The Power of External Data to Power Your KYC Program

A few years ago, when Panama Papers and other offshore leaks were the subject of news stories, I remember reading an article about a woman, a resident of a small island in the Caribbean, who was listed as a director…

Dec 5, 2019 Featured Content

Know-Your-Customer and the Power of Now

You’ve likely invested in Know Your Customer (KYC) programs, whether for a traditional reason (risk assessment and regulatory compliance) or for a strategic growth reason (sell more, serve customers better). And they’re humming along, presumably. Or are they? If you…

Dec 4, 2019 Featured Content

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