Realizing the potential of clean mastered data for businesses

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DataOps and the Current State of Enterprise Data Ecosystem Development

  DataOps has emerged as an essential business priority; and organizations are learning to wield their data as both a competitive asset and a protective moat to keep new challengers at bay. As I’ve said before, much like DevOps focused…

May 24, 2021 Featured Content

Three ways Tamr can enhance your data catalog

Enterprises have the goal of using clean, updated, data to drive their digital transformations. A key tool they expect to help them get there is a data catalog, tools that create and maintain an inventory of data assets and metadata…

Mar 25, 2021 Featured Content

Quickly Building Agile Data Pipelines Using Modern Data Mastering

In our last post in this series, we talked about the accelerated success possible by taking a “triage” approach to building a DataOps pipeline. Data mastering played a key role in that pipeline and is the forcing function behind perpetually…

Mar 11, 2021 Featured Content

Use DataOps to Dodge These Five Common Data Pitfalls

Over the last 25 years, DevOps has revolutionized business process automation by changing how software was developed and delivered. In the next 25 years, DataOps will have a similar revolutionary effect on business data by changing how it’s developed and…

Jan 21, 2021 Insights

Implementing DataOps in Life Sciences

The amount of clinical data is compounding at an astonishing rate. Largely, this is due to our increased ability to generate and collect vast amounts of data that was previously left untouched. While this new data holds tons of potential,…

Nov 25, 2020 Featured Content

Modern DataOps and the Next Gen Digital Enterprise

“There are two things that really matter in AI systems. One is having enough great data to make an algorithm useful. And the other one is the human and the machine working closely together.” This was the first in a…

Oct 1, 2020 Featured Content

Data is the new ammunition for the U.S. Army

Increasingly, data is the ammunition needed for success on the battlefield. Although information and intelligence assets have provided an advantage over adversaries since wars began, the velocity, variety and volume of data has increased so dramatically that the U.S. Army…

Jul 23, 2020 Featured Content

Declarative DataOps

AWS revolutionized IT. Instead of managing hardware, it allowed developers to set up an entire cloud infrastructure with a few clicks of a button. AWS also released APIs to automate the clicking of said buttons, making it not only possible,…

Jun 4, 2020 Featured Content

Agile Leadership: Guiding DataOps Teams Through Rapid Change and Uncertainty

Arvind Krishna, IBM’s new CEO, lamented last year to The Wall Street Journal that clients have halted artificial intelligence projects since some companies aren’t prepared to tackle the data challenges associated with an AI project. In fact, in Mr. Krishna’s…

May 4, 2020 Featured Content

Gartner – Introducing DataOps Into Your Data Management Discipline

“Within the next year, the number of data and analytics experts in business units will grow at three times the rate of experts in IT departments, which will force companies to rethink their organizational models and skill sets.” – Gartner,…

Jan 20, 2020 Featured Content

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