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Implementing DataOps in Life Sciences

The amount of clinical data is compounding at an astonishing rate. Largely, this is due to our increased ability to generate and collect vast amounts of data that was previously left untouched. While this new data holds tons of potential,…

Nov 25, 2020 Featured Content

10 Important Questions Asked and Answered at DataMasters (Part II)

Read part one of the series. Answers are edited for content, clarity, and brevity. To watch every video from DataMasters, you’ll need to enter your information one time. Why is now the time to manage enterprise data as an asset?…

Oct 30, 2020 Featured Content

10 Important Questions Asked and Answered at The DataMasters Summit (Part I)

Our big inaugural event, DataMasters Summit wrapped this month. Hundreds of people registered to listen to more than 25 original presentations by some of the most important and influential voices in data. We featured speakers from Government, Financial Services, Life…

Oct 26, 2020 Featured Content

Modern DataOps and the Next Gen Digital Enterprise

“There are two things that really matter in AI systems. One is having enough great data to make an algorithm useful. And the other one is the human and the machine working closely together.” This was the first in a…

Oct 1, 2020 Featured Content

The Future of Data Mastering at Scale Takes Center Stage at Tamr’s DataMasters Summit 2020

Tamr, Inc., the provider of cloud-native data mastering solutions, today announced the DataMasters Summit 2020 will take place as a two-day, virtual event on October 7-8. DataMasters will bring together data experts and leaders from across industries to discuss data…

Sep 8, 2020 News

The Top Data and Analytics Podcasts of 2020

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re already a fan of Tamr’s DataMasters podcast. But there are a wealth of great data and analytics podcasts out there, and we wanted to share a few that we think are some of the…

Aug 21, 2020 Featured Content