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A Data Scientist’s Rosetta Stone: Unifying Disparate Data with Ontologies

This post is a summary of my ODSC teaching course by the same name. Data classification is the process of categorizing data points into a hierarchical and systematic structure called a taxonomy. Well-defined taxonomies are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive…

May 13, 2021 Featured Content

The Elusive Customer 360: Why and How to Master Data for Sales & Marketing

Large-scale investment in customer insights and analytics teams have propelled the use cases for customer data. From customer segmentation to predictive pricing models and multi-touch channel strategy, the field of advanced customer analytics has more tangible applications than ever. As…

Apr 15, 2021 Featured Content

The Most Powerful Means of Transmitting Data About Humans: Tamr and CAA

  When Eric Iverson, recent CIO from CAA, joined Tamr’s annual company kickoff this week, he reminded us about how omnipresent data is in our lives. He asked us Tamrs to close our eyes and think about what comes to…

Feb 14, 2020 Case Studies

Using Tamr’s metadata enrichment, discovery, and standardization to unlock new possibilities in data management

At the genesis of any data-driven initiative or project, we must first find and access the relevant data in our organization to pull together. Better yet if the data we find can be inter-operable or re-usable across both new and…

Feb 11, 2020 Featured Content

Know-Your-Customer and the Power of Now

You’ve likely invested in Know Your Customer (KYC) programs, whether for a traditional reason (risk assessment and regulatory compliance) or for a strategic growth reason (sell more, serve customers better). And they’re humming along, presumably. Or are they? If you…

Dec 4, 2019 Featured Content

Three Reasons for Procurement’s Slump

Best-in-class procurement performers are quietly becoming a competitive advantage for their organizations by using new technology to capture hard to find improvement opportunities. In this series of blog posts, we’ll examine the value procurement organizations are gaining by accelerating their…

Dec 10, 2015 Featured Content

Tamr Opens Public Beta Program for Its Free Enterprise Metadata Catalog

  CIOs/CDOs, business analysts, data scientists can organize, discover and communicate their data assets, ending the Dark Data Era   Cambridge, Mass., September 24, 2015 – Tamr, Inc., today opened the public Beta program for an enterprise metadata catalog that…

Sep 24, 2015 Featured Content

Tamr Brings Scalable Data Preparation to the Cloud via Google Cloud Platform

Business Analysts Can Build and Publish New Data Sets for Big Data Analytics and Applications – with Minimal Coding and IT Support Cambridge, Mass., August 12, 2015  —  Tamr, Inc., today said that it is bringing scalable data preparation to…

Aug 12, 2015 Featured Content

Tamr + Google Cloud Platform

  Tamr today has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform to deliver our scalable data preparation system on Google Cloud Platform via Google Cloud Dataflow. So Tamr’s in the cloud. But what’s it mean for customers? With Tamr and…

Aug 12, 2015 Featured Content